Help your kids avoid math-phobia

Smartyville helps kids form positive attitudes toward math by turning ordinary math problems into an arcade of satisfying 3D puzzles

3D Math Arcade

Smartyville helps kids practice math and build confidence in their math abilities with its library of 3D math games

Personalized Learning

Smartyville's personalized learning algorithms ensure that the content moves at the perfect pace for each student

Common-Core Aligned

Aligned with your student's class material, Smartyville acts like an affordable tutor on your computer.

Nobody likes chocolate covered broccoli.

• Most educational math games grab kids' attention with all of the fluff besides the math itself
• In Smartyville, the fun part is the math
• Students gain math fluency and number sense by interacting with math concepts visually
Math = Fun

We wish we'd learned math this way

  • Smartyville exposes kids to the true beauty of math
  • Smartyville engages kids with familiar concepts in a new, immersive context
  • Smartyville boosts kids' attitudes toward math by providing many opportunities to succeed

Your child deserves a chance at loving math

Numeracy in America is at an all time low. We're on a mission to change that, one student at a time.
of students enrolled in math classes experience "math anxiety"
6 in 10
elementary school students in America aren't proficient in math at their grade level
The US ranks 31st in math proficiency out of 37 nations in the OECD

Did we mention?
We're making math fun.

Born out of the mobile gaming industry

We've been building highly engaging mobile games for over 8 years and working with the top publishers in the entertainment industry.

Leading engagement techniques

We're taking the same engagement psychology present in state-of-the-art video games and apps to engage kids with something beneficial — learning math.

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